robert pattinson and zach hill leaving the beyonce concert last year

r.i.p. death grips :’(




Zach Hill with boxed sandwich

holy fucking shit look at that boxed sandwhich, probably samples it in their new album, or maybe he’s gonna leak boxed sandwiches online as part of a code to download secret mp3s of MC Ride’s muscles twitching.   

Zach Hill steps up his selfie game

may i ask why you dont post pictures of zach much anymore? i really miss that

I’ve been hella busy with college and my job so I’ve become so damn slack, I’m sorry. I’ll post more content when it gets a lil less hectic :„)

is the no love deep web album cover actually zach hill's dick what if its someone else's everyone says its zachs

This is a good point man.

do you know how tall zach is?

75 noids tall

What do you think of Mr Hill's fashion sense?

*thumbs up emoji*

a cool place 2 hang out & bring all your friends

Fun Fact

all of Zach Hills jackets are designed in a way to fit ONE (1) full sized drum kit at all times for any surprise and/or spontaneous use.